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Adding Chrome, Gmail, And Other Google Services To Windows 8

Login Guide : Gmail sign in using site,now login securely at or www gmail com. Gmail Login for create account.GMail is the most popular service sponsored by Google. Now a days users migrating to Google Mail from Yahoo or other email service providers. Gmail Sign in or Login is the process to access your account but you need a username and password to access it. If you have register earlier for an account then you have a username and password. But if you are a new user and want to create a new gmail account then you have to simply fill a gmail registration form to sign up. Even Gmail sign out is easy

Also i googled this around and found that this is problem is in many android phones and suggestion was to gain root access and delete /data/data/..../ but to gain root access I need to install ConnectMot on my phone which is again not possible as while trying to install I need to go to market and again it will ask for gmail account login which I cant so i coming back to square one.

I should have to 2-factor at least daily, have a auth kill switch (one device can deauth the rest but not frequently), but ONLY have to do just the 2-factor once for all apps on a device during that period (and/or have an easy local authenticator - switch, push for an otp copied to clipboard, switch, paste, go if they can't securely ask the authenticator).

I cannot stand expiring passwords. They create security weaknesses by forcing people to have to write down the passwords. We need someone to tell the rest of the IT industry to knock it off with them and use things like this. For my bank management I have one of those verisign RSA GoIDs which is a little keychain fob with a number on it that changes every 5 minutes. I have to login with that number, and my password. Unfortunately the bank still changes my password regularly, and also stupidly requires 8 characters (not 8 or more, exactly 8).

You have not correctly completed the login details. Make sure you use the correct e-mail address. If you have a @ address instead of @ , use that. Make sure you provide the correct country extension, if you use local Google services in your language, instead of the global ones in English. Then, double check that you have entered the correct password.